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Musical Games

These games require music in order to play. They're good games to play early on in a party to liven things up!

Musical Chairs

Originally, the music for this familiar party game was provided by someone playing the piano, but most people today use recorded music. To set up for the game, arrange a group of chairs back to back in the middle of the room (there should be plenty of room to walk around them). There should be a chair for each person playing, except one. While the music plays, the players walk around the group of chairs. When the music stops (which is whenever the player or the person in charge of the recording decides to stop it), everyone quickly tries to sit in one of the chairs. One person will be left without a chair, and that person is out of the game. The other players then remove one of the chairs and play again. The game continues until there is only one chair left, and the player who manages to sit in it is the winner (Greenaway 47).


This game is meant to be played in couples with at least one other person providing music (either playing the piano or playing recorded music). It's best if the music is something lively.

The couples dance, preferably in a lively way, while the music plays. Then, whoever is in charge of the music stops it without warning. When the music stops, the dancers immediately freeze in mid-dance with serious expressions on their faces. (The livelier the dance is, the harder this will be.) If any of them move or smile, they are out of the game. The person in charge of the music starts it again, and the dancing resumes with the remaining players. They continue playing like this until there is only one couple left in the game (Beaver 32-33).

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