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This is a version of Blind Man's Buff that was played in Ancient Greece (Burns 203). It's a rougher version than later ones. I recommend playing this game by later rules, which just use light tapping instead of hitting or whipping. You can keep the dialogue the same for flavor, if you want.

Brazen Fly


The rules and dialogue for this game come from The Encyclopedia of Games edited by Brian Burns, p. 203.

One person has his eyes covered with a bandage, like a blindfold. The blindfolded player calls out, "I shall chase the brazen fly!" Another player answers, "You may chase him, but you won't catch him!" As the blindfolded player tries to catch hold of one of the other players, the other players strike him with whips. The whips were made of papyrus husks. As in more modern versions of the game, when the blindfolded player catches someone, he has to guess who he's caught without taking off the blindfold.

Of course, I recommend using light tapping instead of a whip. If you still want a whip for historical flavor or the extra distance it gives between the blindfolded person and the other players, I wouldn't use anything heavier than a strip of newspaper or light cloth, which could be still be felt but are light enough not to sting. Really, just trying to tap the other player with your hand is challenge enough. As always, play this in a place where you have plenty of room to run around and there are no trip hazards.

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